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A foray into fashion

Spencer and I aren’t exactly renowned for our cutting-edge dress sense: “Hmm black jumper or grey jumper today.. arghh the dilemma!”. But when we were approached by the fashion team here at the University to document their annual end-of-degree catwalk and exhibition at the Free Range Shows in London, we jumped at the chance.

We had two required outputs: a short promo about the BA Fashion course using interviews from the final year students and behind-the-scenes footage of the show and exhibition; and we also needed to do a full length multi-cam recording of the catwalk. For that we opted for a 3-camera setup at the end of the runaway – and used remote zoom controllers to give us the ability to manage zoom simultaneously with pan and tilt movements. This advanced camera movement was certainly a challenge for our graduate camera operators Luke and Andrei, so we made sure to have a rehearsal back here at base. This gave Spencer and I the wonderful opportunity to fulfil our lifelong dreams of modelling (albeit in the corridor outside our office..) meanwhile Andrei and Luke were busy improving their skills and come crunch time they absolutely nailed it on a demanding day of filming.

In post we pulled together the narrative for the promo edit using the best of the interviews, and with plenty of visually exciting cutaway from the immense ‘bee-hive’ of activity that is putting on a fashion exhibition and catwalk. And finally a contemporary feel-good pop tune with triumphal lyrics to round it all off (cos we’re down with kids innit) Oh dear – Spencer told me to right that bit. Anyway that’s enough waffling let’s have some more watching – here’s the full promo plus a couple of extracts from the catwalk added on the end.



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