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Around the world in a day or two.

...Well no not literally – but certainly figuratively – as we were tasked with producing an extensive introductory video about the University’s Internationalisation strategy. This was a piece aimed at new and existing members of staff here at CU, and it was key that students formed a significant part of the video as presenters, interviewees, and participants. We worked with students from Malaysia, Norway, Nigeria, Pakistan, France, the USA, and a couple of ‘home-grown’ ones too – and hence that globe trotting feeling following our tight two-day filming schedule.

The video was broken down into six ‘chapter-like’ sections with different delivery styles. Voiceover, interviews, direct to camera, and our colleagues working in international-related roles also managed to present a compilation script (some of them were pretty skilled with the whiteboard marker too!) We then developed a whole range of visual tools: some simple animation slides with kinetic typography, a bit of masking and after-effects overlay, some google earth footage, and a pinch of time-lapse, to bring it all together.

And so after some extensive post-production, we arrived at an information-packed but still flowing piece, showcasing an eclectic range of moving image styles. We’ve chopped together a quick compilation edit to highlight some of those features for your viewing pleasure!



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