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Degree Show Coverage 2018

For many years, the Faculty of Arts and Humanities Students at Coventry University have been hosting fabulous Degree Shows open to industry professionals and general audience members that are interested in seeing the fantastic work produced every year.

Coverage of these events is not easy work, but we have always been excited to film the Degree Shows, so we jumped at the idea, camera in hand, ready to tackle the challenge.

In the two weeks of setting up and preparing for the big opening night, we were flying around locations like very busy filming bees. It was great filming the students getting ready and preparing their displays for the projects they have been working on all year long.

From Automotive Design, to Sociology, to Fine Art and Illustration, have put on a fantastic week to showcase their work. Every detail was carefully thought of and taken in consideration by the young artists here at Coventry University.

It really was lovely being able to see them work together and as a result enjoy a successful Degree Show. So, in exchange, we hope you will to enjoy the videos that we created and give you a closer look at the work put together by the students.

Highlights of the preparation and event evenings from all of the schools of the Faculty:

BA Fine Art and Illustration:

BA Automotive and Transport Design:

BA Digital Media:

BA Music:

BA Graphic Design:

BA Humanities:

BA Theatre and Professional Practice:



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