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Filming for flockOmania

This was a small but highly enjoyable and quite unique project that came our way via our colleagues in the Performing Arts Department. Zoe Robertson – an artist exploring the relationship of jewellery and performance – created large-scale wearable objects inviting an  interaction of movement and dance. The flockOmania exhibition then closed with a performance finale night, which involved a host of collaborating artists including dancers, composers, image-makers, and lighting designers, and we were asked to come along and document the event.

This wasn’t however to be a straightforward capturing of the performances as they unfolded. Wanting to reflect the interactive and performative elements of the project, we worked the camera to be responsive and to some extent involved in the show, rather than just looking in from the outside. And equally we aimed for the finished output to be a considered reflective piece in its own right, rather than a simple record of the activity. To this end we worked with the flockOmania composers Daren Pickles and Nicholas Peters to produce a soundtrack and video crafted to one another.

It’s always a pleasure to collaborate with a mixture of creative professionals from different disciplines. The ideas that are bred out of such interactions and discussions are always deeply inspiring. We’re really pleased to have been part of the flockOmania project and what we were able to produce as part of it. The full video can be found here on the flockOmania site or watch below.



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