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Filming the Big Question

The University’s Research Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations asked us to film their recent Big Question event and lecture: The US Presidential Election 2016. Fact or Fiction? The Big Question series focuses on prominent social, economic and political challenges faced by British society and the global community. This particular event welcomed US political expert Dane Waters to examine the blurred boundaries between fact and fiction in the current presidential candidate race.

To best cover the event, we opted for a 3 camera setup giving a wide of the room showing speaker and audience, a close up on Dane to best communicate his emphasis in speech, and also a third angle to capture the questioners clearly (many thanks due here to our two student camera operators Emine Arabaci and Alejandro Munoz Fernandez). A simple multi-cam edit with the branded introduction slide, allowed us to compile the final video for effective online viewing.

Dane was a fantastic and highly engaging speaker, providing an in-depth insight into the workings of US presidential politics. As a crew we enjoyed the whole event enormously and had the pleasure of meeting Dane afterwards, where of course we couldn’t miss out on a photo opportunity – just look at those smiles!



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