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Fresh heads ‘Stateside’ with Siemens

We’ve recently returned from New York where we were filming a customer case study and producing technical demonstration photography and videos for Siemens. The brief involved gathering customer testimonials, interviews, and demonstration explainers of specialist equipment, at a power plant in the New York/New Jersey area. As we don’t travel overseas all that often (and who could turn their nose up at a trip to NY) I thought I’d compile a short photo diary of our time out there:

A cold, groggy, 6am start at Coventry Train Station was made worse when one of the wheels of my suitcase split. Some carefully placed masking tape and the result was a rather trendy two-tone wheeled case for the rest of the trip! (Patent Pending.)

Spencer was not only displeased by the early start but also by his colossal luggage.

After many hours of planes, trains and automobiles, we arrived at our hotel. Thoroughly confused as to whether to go to bed or not, we instead opted for the bar.

Filming on site. We had gas compressors, ammonia plants, controls rooms, and yes of course a jet engine or two.

We were pretty busy making videos. But we were also making friends – yay!

Each day our drive from hotel to power plant took us past that notorious Manhattan skyline. And it was looking like our filming schedule wouldn’t allow time for a visit..

But phew, on our last night we made it out there to be amazed by the usual suspects – those streets, that fairly tall building, that cross roads where everyone is excited by really bright adverts…

And of course our main highlight of the trip was the exquisite cuisine.

I won’t mention the delayed return flight and our 3 hours wait on the tarmac whilst a radio was fixed – oops just did. None the less we made it home in time for the rugby so we couldn’t complain, and in fact the overall trip was a great success all round. A fantastic international experience for us, a real pleasure working with the folks from Siemens and the staff at the power plant, and all positive feedback on the outputs – winner!

Much of what we produced during the trip was for internal communications use, so we’ve compiled this mini-showreel to music, to bring you some of the behind the scenes work and the visual highlights.



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