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Events Coverage of Performing Arts Launch Night

The Performing Arts department here at the University, recently held their Spectrum 2014 launch night to kick off this year’s degree show, and they asked us along to photograph the night. The attendees were certainly spoilt for choice of what to see – a huge range of theatre, dance, and music (and occasionally even a fusion of those mediums) was performed throughout the building – some dynamic interactive pieces even took place in the corridors!

This proved quite a challenge, but with a detailed schedule and map of the venues, we raced around and managed to capture the wide variety of performances. We also shot on the dress rehearsal night which allowed us that extra freedom of movement around the shows, and some good opportunities for close-ups of the performers.

The passion of the students, their commitment to their performances, and the hard work they’ve put in to developing these pieces was hugely apparent and made the evening a very lively and engaging night. Photographing it was actually quite difficult simply because we’d often catch ourselves watching and enjoying the shows and forgetting to capture images. We just hope that our images do justice to the the enthusiasm that was put into creating these performances.



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