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Studio cut-outs for the International Office

We were contacted by the International Office here at Coventry University who were in need of some studio quality portraits for their current advertising campaign. They needed the portraits to be cut out and superimposed on to a coloured graphic background for a variety of web and print marketing media. With our extensive studio experience and competent post-production capabilities we were more than happy to take on the task.

A mixture of individual and group shots of up to 4 people was required, and many of them at full body length, so we opted for our larger studio space with a fixed white infinity curve, and roll-out vinyl floor. This space also gave us the necessary depth to achieve ‘walking’ shots. We went with a fairly safe lighting set up, needing consistent exposure across the group and without the shadows being too ‘one-sided’, so as to suit the graphic background.

We had a limited time frame with the actors, but with some careful planning and artistic direction from our lovely colleagues at the International Office, we worked through a selection of the preferred combinations and poses, and were able to achieve a wide variety of shots adapting quickly between group and individual setups.

You can see the final images in use on the International Office’s ‘Join In’ page. We also had our GoPro running during the shoot, and have compiled this short piece to give you a behind the scenes look and also see some of the post-production work. Enjoy!



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