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TEDx Leamington – photo highlights

As promised following the TEDx Leamington Spa event in November (which was a cracking compilation of inspiring talks and performances, and a resounding success for their inaugural event) here are a few of the highlight shots taken by 2 of Fresh’s student photographers – Bethany Crisp and Evan Merner.

Mary-Jess Leaverland performs songs from her debut album ‘Shine’.

AlienZoo present a fuse of dance, acrobatics, and theatre.

Henry Morshead speaks about the Bloodhound Supersonic Car

The scale of this project meant that although we provided supervision and guidance where needed, Spencer and I had to take a step back, and all of the production and post-production was handled directly by Beth and Evan. They did an absolutely sterling job – taking time to carefully plan their shoot, they achieved a fantastic variety of images to meet a multi-faceted client brief. And in the process giving themselves a hugely valuable experience at a professional level.

Audience feedback is submitted in a rather novel method.

Ryan Hildebrant MC’s the event

The hard working team behind TEDxLeamington Spa

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