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TEDx Leamington Spa

We’re delighted to announce that we are an event partner for TEDx Leamington Spa which will be held this November 21st at the Royal Spa Centre. We will be providing the photography for this inaugural event, snapping all of the speakers and performers as they bring their wonderful ideas, insights and abilities to the people of Leamington and the Midlands.

We actually met Ryan Hildebrandt (the event’s Director) at one of our Photography and Video workshops, and witnessing our capabilities first hand he was keen to have us on board to provide photography coverage. The theme of the event is ‘Courageous Creations’ – looking to focus on the courage and the bravery that it takes to be someone who seeks to create (in any form) uncertain of how said creation might be received – well that’s certainly a process we can relate to! The TEDx Leamington event looks to be a corker, with speakers coming from a huge range of artistic disciplines and a more than eager audience (tickets sold out in just over an hour!) It will also be a fantastic portfolio-boosting experience for a couple of our student photographers – as always we’ll keep you posted.



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